Sheriff’S Office Warns Of Cougar Sighting South Of Mountain Home

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Sheriff’S Office Warns Of Cougar Sighting South Of Mountain Home

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I am writing to take exception to your declaration that the cougar is extinct in the northeastern United States. A latest newspaper article says that you have taken it off the endangered species listing. I am contacting you due to the information launch in regards to the extinction discover. I was VERY fortunate and elated to see that cougar .

The Byu Cougars Are ‘Going To Keep Dancing’ Through Season Should More Games Be Played In Empty Stadiums

I stay in a rural a part of washington county, Alabama. I noticed a tawny lengthy tailed cat under a security mild in my yard and again running throughout freeway 45 between Sunflower and McIntosh. At the time there was an enormous quantity of clear chopping happening simply south of this space because of a steel plant. After the second sighting I notified wildlife and fisheries. They insisted the only means this might have been attainable is that if somebody launched a large cat.

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Two in an area as large as Jackson county can be simply missed, unless you know where to look. To declare these animals extinct is a big step and a great misfortune. Several animals all over the world have met this destiny, however to my data you could have missed a couple of traces.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared the japanese cougar to be formally extinct, Wednesday. The cougar can be known to many because the catamount, ghost cat, mountain cat, mountain lion, panther, or puma. The japanese cougar has been thought by many to vary from its western counterpart in its tawny shade and longer tail.

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So two cougars in a county with over populated deer arent seen that a lot, this proves the research was not carried out to a greater extent. I would really like somebody to answer and clarify why they’re declared extinct if the proof is on the market but no one has turned it in. Some people might not turn in a photo to FWS because they havent heard the info on cougars or just say wow a cougar and delete it. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has officially declared the japanese cougar extinct, 79 years after the final one was reported within the wild in the United States.

Also, when you have higher BYU stories than the ones above, please ship them to I will be accumulating stories for added fan features all through the season. There’s no extra hopeful time for college football fans than early August. The fans lined the sidelines, sat on the bleachers and stood on the balcony of BYU’s Student Athlete Building to get their first glimpse of the group on a sunny Saturday morning. There had been Cougar fans of all ages, a lot of there with their families, excited for the upcoming season.

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Utah Wildlife Officials Save Moose Trapped In Golf Course Cistern Where Her Calves Drowned

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